Bachelors Programs: Economics and Finance

Please note: The Economics and Finance program will commence from 2018.

Bachelor of Science (B. Sc)

The Economics and Finance programs at Avantika University seek to develop intellectual discipline and valuable skill sets for rational, yet lateral thinking and optimal decision making. Here, the approach to learning is innovative and enjoyable, while being meticulous and comprehensive at same time. The courses have been designed to cover Mathematics, Statistics, Finance, Environment, and Politics, centered on core Economics.

The 3-year B.Sc (Economics/ Finance) programs aim to equip undergraduate students with strong analytical tools in Economics, yet remain applied and policy-oriented. These versatile disciplines train students to be logical, rational, and rigorous thinkers, preparing them for a wide range of careers in both private and public sectors upon graduation.

Avantika University will offer courses in Advanced Economic Theory, Econometrics, International Economics, Development Economics, etc. It is strongly felt that economics subsists everywhere, and the collaboration of different subjects so as to highlight their economic relevance helps relate it with all aspects of life. At Avantika, interestingly, specific subjects are dealt with in a technical fashion, such that they require either calculus or statistical tools for representation and explaining. Like it already suggests, equal importance is given both to qualitative and quantitative studies so that the ‘whys’ and the ‘hows’ of economics are both taken into consideration. The course also provides a base for career opportunities in various industries and sectors such as Financial Institutions, Media and Communication, Government agencies, Research, and Academics

Avantika will offer Bachelor of Science (B. Sc) program with below specializations: