Need for Reformation

The Present

The mismatch between societal and education gradients is one of the key factors that creates discontent among the students. Society is very dynamic, while in comparison, the educational system is relatively static. This leads to a disconnect between the education system and the real world. The current higher education methodology in India is asymmetric. This information misalignment results in a continual failure of educators to equip young people with the required skills and know-how to succeed in the real world.

As a downfall, these students lack in shaping their own lives, and eventually the society and the country at large. For years now, the Indian education system is calling out for comprehensive reforms. The time has come for us to explore and move ahead towards creating a better future. The need of the hour is to empower young minds that are well-equipped to deal with the present needs and confront unexpected challenges of the future.

The Way Forward

A novel and practical way of learning will assist individuals to deal with complexity, diversity, and change. It will broaden an individual’s perspective by exposing him to the finer nuances of science, culture, design, humanities, and society along with an in-depth study in their area of interest.

This will encourage the spirit of functioning with sensitivity and alertness as world citizens. The liberal approach of imparting knowledge will foster a sense of social responsibility as well as harbor intellectual and practical dexterity, including communication, creative, analytical and problem-solving skills. It will further enhance their capabilities to apply their knowledge and expertise in the real-world settings.