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Field Trip | Halma

'Halma' refers to a Bhili tradition of coming together and helping a community member fighting his troubles. Whenever an individual from the community faces difficulty and calls for Halma, they all gather and solve it. Shivganga – a movement for the holistic development of Jhabua in association with Avantika University collaborated on a unique water conservation project based on the concept of Halma in the tribal region of Jhabua, Madhya Pradesh. A volunteer team of 50 students participated in this movement on 17th and 18th February, 2018 to work towards solving the social problem of water scarcity. They got together and dug up ponds and wells in the villages to enhance the conservation of water in area which is reeling under the effects of acute deforestation. The event was coordinated by our Head of Industry Relations, Mr. Rohit Lalwani. Lecturers Ravikumar Jadhav and Rushikesh Pawar along with Warden, Mrs. Meera Pandey accompanied the students. The first day was spent interacting with the leaders and villagers behind the movement and gaining insights, while the next day saw students volunteering to execute the project with the locals.

Projects | Critical and Creative Thinking

Learning at Avantika has been designed to be proactive and experiential. Students are encouraged acquaint themselves with the practical aspects of learning with an intent to drive the point home. As part of the Critical and Creative Thinking module, students were asked to choose any product and create a prototype which would help them garner a deeper understanding of its shape, functions, utility, and more. The outcome resulted in a plethora of remarkable ideas – from recycling waste to create objects of art, to comforting pillows to soothe us after a long day – these creations were the perfect outcome the boundless imagination of students. The projects made optimum use of mathematical principles, design thinking, study of shapes and forms, and sustainability to create innovative everyday objects. The exercise went a long way in helping students to learn the practical application of science and design to shed a positive influence on daily life.

Workshop | Drawing and Sketching

A workshop on Drawing and Sketching was conducted by Professors Hemant Kaushik and Rupesh Gajbhiye on 5th February, 2018 for B.Des and M.Des students. The workshop was conducted in the lush green environs of the campus and the Kalideh Palace in Ujjain. Students were taught to observe the natural form minutely, assess the shapes in a simplified manner, and seek creative inspiration from the surroundings. They also learned the finer nuances of sketching, including the proper use of pencils in contouring, detailing, pressure control, and rendering.

F1 Racing Car

Two of our B.Des students, Himanka Kalita and Soham Mohanty, gave a drive to their creative passions by designing and modelling a Formula 1 Racing Car, as part of their Creative Art project. The model draws inspiration from Fernando Alonso’s winning car of Formula 1 2012, Scuderia Ferrari 2012. Making elementary shapes like cylinders, cubes etc. from ivory sheets, the two inventive students recreated the impressive machine. Serving as a motivation to fellow students, the model brilliantly displayed creativity, imagination and novelty.

Republic Day

Celebrating the rich heritage of our country and reveling in the Republic Day spirit, the 69th Republic Day was celebrated at the University. Honourable Mr. Aditi Nath Sarkar hoisted the flag and delivered a stirring message as the Guest of Honour at the occasion. The illustrious Mr. Aditi Nath Sarkar is at present the Advisor, National Digital Library of India and has a commendable experience in Literature, Cultural History, Film Heritage Conservation and Documentary Film Making. His rich experience inspired the students and filled them with newer dreams and aspirations. Avantika University celebrated the Republic Day of India with splendour and pride.

Celebrating Vasant Panchami

Vasant Panchami is an auspicious day when Saraswati – the Goddess of knowledge, language, music, and arts is worshipped. The Goddess symbolizes creative energy and power in all its forms. The students and staff celebrated this occasion by conducting a puja at the Dnyaneshwar resource center on campus. The lamp lighting was done by Professors Hemant Kaushik, Ajit Kumar Sharma, Mohini Billore, Rakesh Dubey, Mr. N. Sivaramakrishnan, and other staff members. Prof. Hemant Kaushik presented a wonderful rendition of Raag Vasant on this occasion. The event was coordinated by Assistant Librarian, Dr. Mukesh Bhargava.

Workshop | Building Effective Global Communication Skills

A workshop on Building Effective Global Communication Skills was conducted by acclaimed communication specialist and motivational speaker, Mr. Mo Riddiford on 17th January, 2018 on campus. The workshop covered insightful discussions on identifying the students’ limiting beliefs regarding communication, implementing effective communication, finding the words, phrases and most importantly attitudes to regain voice and confidence in a conversation, and thinking systematically during communication. Mr. Riddiford, assisted by Ms. Ruth Tribhuvan also explored the cultural barriers and difficulties faced by non-native English speakers, and came up with appropriate solutions to get past the same. Mo Riddiford hails from New Zealand, and is a communication consultant, coach, university teacher, author, activist, motivational speaker and meditator. He is the creator of the BE-in-English System, including the ground-breaking Communication Trust-Power, and the inventor of the TISL Game, for reading the language of a person's mind. He has co-authored the Amazon bestseller, ‘Upping the Down Side’. He was assisted on the workshop by Ruth Tribhuvan, a specialist in Communication Trust-Power, expert in intercultural communication and an experienced Enterprise Software (SAP) professional.

Governing Body Meeting

The Governing Body of Avantika University had a meeting on 15th January 2018 on campus. The meeting was presided by Chancellor, Dr. Sanjay Dhande in the presence of Dr. S S Mantha - Adjunt Professor NIAS, Bangalore, Dr. Rajiv Mishra - Director, J J School of Architecture Consultancy Cell, Dr. Vladimir Kulish - Vice Chancellor - Avantika University, Prof. Anant Chakradev - Dean Design - MIT ADT University, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi - Professor & Director - Avantika University, Dr. Manesh Patil - Registrar - Avantika University.

Book Exhibition | Dyaneshwar Knowledge Resource Center

A book exhibition was held on 5th January, 2018 at the Dnyaneshwar Knowledge Resource Center for the students and staff of Avantika University. On display were a wide range of books on Design and Technology, besides other volumes centered on enhancing the students’ thinking and creative faculties. The event was inaugurated by Professors Sanjay Jain, Dr. Hemant Kaushik, and Kuntal De, along with students Siddharth Gondhale and Apeksha Sardana of the M.Des program. Organized and coordinated by Dr. Mukesh Bhargava, the event saw both, students and staff members purchasing books to build their personal collections.

Knowledge Transfer Session

Mr. Parveen Singhal, COO & CCO of Wittyfeed.com and Ms. Neha Fatechandani, CLO, Snowball conducted a Knowledge Transfer session with our students on 22nd December, 2017. The session was centered on exploring new avenues in entrepreneurship and converting students’ passions into lucrative careers. The interaction was curated by our Head of Industrial Relations, Mr. Rohit Lalwani.

Spartacus | Cricket match – Admin 11 versus Student Black Panthers

An exciting game of cricket was held on 16th Dec, 2017 at the on-campus cricket ground between the staff and students of Avantika University. Titled ‘Spartacus’, this game was nothing short of a highly competitive gladiatorial conquest, flagged off in the presence of chief guest Mr. Anil Kumar Pandey, Chief Technical Officer Basketball Federation of India and Vice Chancellor Dr. Vladimir Kulish.

The toss was won by Admin 11 who elected to bat. The 8-over inning saw the Admin 11 smash 122 runs with the loss of just 2 wickets, with top scorers Sujit Sonalkar hitting an unbeaten 60, followed by Kunal Solanki who scored 45. The pick of the bowlers from Student Black Panthers was Devansh Sapre with 2 wickets.

Coming in to bat in the second innings were the Student Black Panthers who put up a lively fight, but managed to score only 105 at the end of their 8 overs with the fall of 7 wickets. Shivam Singh top scored with 55 runs, while Admin 11’s Kunal Solanki scalped 3 wickets. Admin 11 scored a victory with 17 runs in this closely-fought contest. The Man of the Match was our Project Executive, Sujit Sonalkar for his unbeaten 60.

This game of cricket was witness to the healthy camaraderie shared between the staff and students. It was a fabulous opportunity for everyone to showcase their athletic as well as cricketing skills. Here’s a glimpse into the action which took place.

Freshers Party | Aarohan

Students at Avantika organized a freshers party – ‘Aarohan’, heralding new beginnings. The evening of 3rd December, 2017 saw the students take over the University, designing the menu and curating the entertainment as well. The girls dressed in all their finery in black and the boys in black and white as was the dress code. They’d even set up a food truck serving a delectable spread for the party. This evening of revelry involved a lot of fine music, with some scintillating dance and song performances by the students. The Aarohan evening did herald new beginnings, while weaving wonderful memories for everyone.

Workshop | Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics

Part of the Physical World syllabus, the workshop on Heat Transfer and Thermodynamics was conducted on 13th and 14th November, 2017 by Professors Ambar Bajpai, Ajit Sharma, Gautam Karve and Mr. Ravi Jadhav. The workshop gave students a hands-on conceptual understanding of the laws of thermodynamics and different ways in which heat can be used as a form of energy.

Projects | Physical World

Part of Physical World syllabus in the Foundation Program, these projects were created by students under the guidance of Professors Ambar Bajpai, Ajit Sharma, Gautam Karve, and Mr. Ravi Jadhav between 18th and 22nd September, 2017.

Students learned the fusion of biomechanics with robotics, which were used to create prototypes of birds and animals – principles of which could be used to develop new products.

Creative Arts | Music Module

Our faculty, Prof. Sanyukta Karve conducted the Music Module on 26th October, 2017 for B.Des and B.Tech students. The module involved asking students to create music for a short span of 3 minutes, using the instruments created them from scrap materials. Some students even wrote the lyrics themselves. They were exposed to different forms of music which helped them in broadening their thinking and creativity.

Creative Arts | Dance Module

The objective of the Dance Module conducted at Avantika was to assist students develop a critical way of thinking and analyze the application of the basics of the performing arts to everyday living.

The entire course was divided into four parts, evenly spread over four days which would enable the instructors to introduce to the students certain different aspects of dance, and at the same time experiment with it as well. The first day covered the topic ‘Dance in Bollywood’, with students learning about the basic contemporary dance forms and how it derives its basics from daily human activities, and applying these forms in expressing various interpretations of inanimate objects.

On the second day, students learned about ‘Dance as a Folk Art’, which introduced the vivid folk dances of India and the main objective behind such dance forms. It assisted students in developing team spirit and a mechanism of working in group, encouraging them to be a part of a community and work towards achieving common goals. On day 3, students were introduced to dance as a fitness regime to attain physical, mental and emotional fitness. They also learned about the ancillary fields of dance and experimented with various colors and props to create a small performance.

On the fourth day, the module covered ‘Dance as a Classical Art Form’, covering the various classical dance forms of India and the discipline behind it. It helped students to work with the skill of expression and prepare them to experiment in front of an audience.


Objective:  To assist students develop critical way of thinking and analyse the application of the basics of the performing art to the day to day working of a man.

The entire course has been divided into four parts evenly spread over the four days which would enable the instructors to introduce to the students certain different aspects of dance and at the same time experiment with it.

  • The evolution of dance in Bollywood (from the use of Indian classical dance forms to contemporary forms of dance)
  • Learning about the basic contemporary dance forms and how it derives its basics from daily human activities.
  • Application of these forms in expressing various interpretations of inanimate objects
  • To introduce vivid folk dances of India to the students and the main objective behind such dance forms.
  • To assist the students in developing team spirit and a mechanism of working in group.
  • To encourage students to be a part of a community and work towards achieving common goals.
  • To introduce dance as a fitness regime to the students to attain physical, mental and emotional fitness.
  • To introduce students to the ancillary fields to dance and help them experiment with various colours and props to create a small performance
  • To introduce students to the classical dance forms of India and the discipline behind it.
  • To assist students to work with the skill of expression and prepare them to experiment in front of an audience.

Creative Arts | Art Module

Our faculty Dr. Hemant Kaushik conducted an Art Module on 12th October, 2017 for the B.Des and B.Tech students. Students learned to create panoramic art featuring rural and tribal designs. These designs were inspired from the students’ observations from their visit to surrounding villages.

Workshop | Art of Calligraphy

Renowned artist Mr. Achyut Palav was invited by Avantika University to conduct a workshop on the Art of Calligraphy during the Orientation Week on 14th September, 2017. This workshop was conducted under the Rangnaad Club, with the event being hosted by the Dean – School of Design, Prof. Sanjay Jain and Prof. Hemant Kaushik. Mr. Palav gave an interesting presentation of his life's works and inspirations and showed that calligraphy can also be expressive and creative. He later demonstrated numerous ways of using calligraphic tools, quills, different mediums like papers and inks and colors. In the final segment, he created an impromptu design on a big paper roll which was appreciated by all.

Workshop | Print Making

A workshop on Print Making was conducted by Prof. Abhishek Shrivastava as part of the Creative Expression course of the M.Des Foundation Program. A faculty at Avantika, Mr. Shrivastava is an artist who picked his skills at M.S. University, Vadodara and Shanti Niketan.

The workshop intended students to learn Print Making techniques using Transfer Relief from Rubber mats and Glass Painting. The purpose was to create expressions through intervention and exploration. Students created expressions on rubber pads using carving tools and learnt techniques of transferring them on paper using printing inks and rollers.

They also painted and mixed colors on glass and transferred the creations on to paper, with interesting and evocative prints being the tangible outcomes of the workshop. Learning hands-on skills, experiencing “Joy of Creation’’ and developing creative confidence were the major intangible outcomes of this workshop.

Workshop | Think with Metals

Students of the M.Des Foundation Program were part of the Think with Metals workshop on 3rd and 4th October, 2017. The workshop was conducted by Mr. Deval Verma, a young Product Designer and MIT-ID alumni of 2016, who is now a metal artist and an entrepreneur based in Indore.

The workshop intended students to add value to metal scrap parts through creative intervention. On the agenda was to abolish fear from the students’ mind to use workshop tools and materials and inculcate the “Joy of Creation’’ early on in their learning cycle to boost their creative confidence and develop collaborative work ethics. The student groups built interesting metal installations and metal sculptures and artifacts based on various themes using scrap automotive parts which normally are thrown as waste and left to rust, or are melted for downcycling. They used arc welding process and industrial adhesives to glue the parts together and learnt finishing techniques like wire brushing, grinding and polishing.

Workshop | Clay Modeling

The Clay Modeling workshop was conducted by our Professors Dr. Hemant Kaushik and Abhishek Srivastava on 22nd September, 2017. Dr. Kaushik demonstrated techniques of working with clay. He guided relief carving and engraving techniques, along with working in 3D form for making heads and faces, tiles, and other design forms. He gave a fine demonstration of deftly making use of fingers and clay modeling tools. He also threw light on molding and casting technique for the artifacts. Prof. Abhishek Srivastava also demonstrated how to work in clay, the importance of carving and relief techniques and the significance of expressing ideas through the medium of clay.

Halloween Party

The night of Halloween was celebrated on campus, with students and staff going all in with their ghastliest best. Ghouls, zombies, vampires, phantoms, demons, and banshee costumes were painstakingly handcrafted by students, who later gathered for photo opportunities around the bonfire. All in all, it made for a hauntingly memorable night, curated entirely by students!

MAEER's President and Members Visit

11 October 2017