Honorable Guests at Avantika

March 2018

It was an enlightening experience for the M. Des students as Prof. Kirti Trivedi and Dr. Mojgan Jahanara visited Avantika campus on 28 March 2018. The distinguished professors shared their rich experience and pearls of wisdom with the students, making it a truly enjoyable yet edifying interaction. An alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, and Royal College of Arts, London, Prof. Trivedi was previously heading the Visual Communication discipline at IDC as Professor. Dr. Mojgan Jahanara, a veteran textile designer from Iran, is the former Chair of Textile Design Department (2003 – 2011) at University of Art, Tehran, Iran. A PhD in Design Theory from Kobe Design University, Japan, Dr. Jahanara has an inspiring persona.

After his retirement, Prof. Kirti addressed the young designers for the first time and confessed that they were lucky to pursue design education in this era, as technology and resources are readily available. He shared various real-life examples to explain concepts of commercial design, applied design, visual communication, communication design and appearance designing. The visit was enriching for the students as they got the chance to interact with the highly skilled and knowledgeable masterminds.