“Life at Avantika is meant to pique your curiosity and question the way things operate in the real world by stimulating your intellect at every turn.”

The Avantika way of education inspires students to reinvent themselves. At Avantika, the new academic curriculum has been a result of extensive learning opportunities and unique resources. These resources include digital libraries, world class residential facilities, knowledge centers, and indoor and outdoor sports facilities.

The learning environment at Avantika offers students with the freedom to think, interact with faculty members without the paucity of classrooms or breakout sessions. Additionally, the diverse reach of university education provides connect with world leaders to stay abreast of professional ecosphere through lectures, seminars, and practical sessions. Research and teaching on this new, future-focused campus will concentrate on the interfaces between disciplines – for example, where business education meets big data, computer science, and digital innovation.


Main Building - Avanti

Workshop - Yantra Tantra

Design Studio - DaVinci

Blended Classrooms - Chanakya and Vivekananda

Board Rooms - Vyasa and Panini

Computer Center - Turing

Library - Dnyaneshwar

Fab Lab

Amphitheatre - Ishaanya

Student Union - Yuti

Sports Ground