About Avantika University

Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT), Pune is the first private Engineering Institute established in the city of Pune, Maharashtra. It is one of the premier institutes for Indian and International students offering Undergraduate & Post Graduate courses in Engineering, Management, Medicine, Pharmacy and so on.

  • 3 decades of Academic Excellence
  • 70+ Institutions
  • 50000+ Students
  • 3000+ Faculty

Avantika, an MIT Pune campus at Ujjain, is India’s first Design Centered University, driven by the spirit of Design Thinking. It provides a unique academic model which blends Design, Technology, and Economics disciplines. The university is poised to create a unique learning center that imparts transformative education to aspiring learners. The value-driven, project-based education framework is developed by a team of passionate design and engineering professionals and academicians. Avantika is mentored by Dr. Sanjay Dhande, Former Director of IIT Kanpur, an eminent educationist, and a visionary institution builder.

Based in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh, the objective is to nurture and cultivate young minds who will function as informed citizens.

Why Avantika?

Project based learning involves identifying a real-world problem or a hypothetical problem for the future, and solving the same over a certain period of time. Students learn through doing, exploring, failing, redoing, testing, and validating. Through this approach, learners are intrinsically motivated and responsible to acquire deeper and sustainable knowledge. Learning at Avantika takes place Just-in-Time and not Just-in-Case. It also brings joy of networking with potential users and addresses their real or anticipated needs.
There is no lone creative genius, and good ideas can be sparked by students’ interactions with diverse people, organizations, and societies. Learners from diverse fields will collaborate on projects and challenges. We will have ‘Collaboratories’ to stimulate collaboration and teaming. These partnerships will not just happen between students, but will also see the participation of mentors as co-learners.

We will engage the minds of learners, utilize their unawareness to ask questions, and ignite curiosity to gain information and develop understanding. Learners will be expected to become self-motivated curiosity machines. When students learn to question relentlessly and without fear, they are able to explore ways to make new connections and develop a sense of adaptability.

'What to think' - ask the learners to work out a problem based on the Pythagoras theorem.

'How to think' - ask the learners to assume that they don't know about Pythagoras theorem and have them derive it right from a scratch. Of course, the latter will be more challenging for learners as their failure rate will be high. Nonetheless, this experiment is more meaningful and rewarding as it prepares learners and mentors to solve unsolved problems on a larger scale.

With diverse disciplines, experiences, and approaches, the learners will have an opportunity to create and structure their personal learning pathway based on their interests, motivation, and passion. Their faculty-mentors will assist them in the process.
At Avantika, Workshops, Studios, Collaboratories, and Design Labs become creative spaces where learners can build products, structures, installations, machines, and artifacts to share, demonstrate, test and validate their ideas. Learning at Avantika happens anywhere and everywhere through thinking and tinkering – we’ve termed it "Thinkering".

Specializations Offered

Computer Science and Engineering Major Tracks
Data Science and Analytics
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Academic Partners


  • 10+2 (From any of the State Boards/ CBSE/ ICSE/ ISC/ IB/ NIOS or equivalent exam) with Physics, English, and Mathematics as compulsory subjects
  • 55% aggregate in the subject group Physics, Mathematics and Chemistry/ Vocational Subject
  • 50% in English
  • Valid score of JEE or any state entrance examination