Life @ Campus - Orientation

Batch 2018-19 | 16th – 21st July’18

Day 6: The final Verification!

On the last and 6th Day of Orientation week, the students were engrossed with online verification of their documents with the Students Office. Everyone awaited the start of the academic journey of second batch of Avantika University with great enthusiasm.

Day 5: The Promiscuous Day!

The Day 5 of orientation week was a mix of various activities such as the introduction to clubs and various facilities at Campus. The students presented their experience of the exploratory tour to Ujjain City. Post which they participated with great zeal in the talent quest where they showcased their hobbies by singing, playing instruments, doing mimicry and many more.

Day 4: Design Centred Education, What? Why? and How?

The Day 4 of the orientation week started with a Panel discussion on Design Centred Education where we had Dr. Parag Vyas, the Founder and Director of the Grau Bar Design in Indore. The Panel members, namely, Dr. Parag Vyas, Dr. Mahesh Goudar, Prof. Sanjay Jain and Dr. Hemant Kaushik threw light on the various aspects of Design Centred Education. The moderator, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi, guided the discussion to a very meaningful end.

Day 3: The way to Go…

Day 3 of the orientation week was about the introduction to the various aspects of the 1st year where the Vice-Chancellor started with acquainting the new batch about the over-all academic plan, the objectives, the pedagogy and the assessment pattern. This was followed by the course leads introducing the various courses and their learning to the students. In the afternoon, students attended a session on entrepreneurship with the Director of Industry and Industrial Relations and were guided about how to they can grow the budding entrepreneur in them in a progressive manner.

Day 2: “The one who risks going too far can possibly find out how far one can go”- T.S. Elliot

There was a lot of excitement about the Day 2 of the Orientation Week. The students had an exploratory tour to Ujjain where they explored the city from head to toe with their mentors and learnt about the essence of the city to its core. As part of this tour, the Industry Relations team conducted a survival activity called the “100 Rupee Challenge” where the students got spread around the city and were expected to earn Rs. 100 in 2 hours. The students reaped the first self-earned income of their life. Wow, that was a proud moment for all of us!

Day 1: Welcome Aboard!

The Day 1 at Avantika started off with the introduction of the Leadership to the students, The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Prasheel Suryawanshi, welcomed the new Designeers to the Avantika family and shared his vision about the 4-year journey of the new batch. The students were introduced to their mentors and bonded with them throughout the day. The evening unfolded with a cultural program that included Kathak to the tunes of Bollywood and Hollywood songs along with a lot of dancing and singing.

The Reporting Day!

Parent Interaction: Students of the batch 2018-19 landed at the Avantika Campus on 14th July 2018 with their parents. The Chancellor, Vice-Chancellor and the Registrar extended a warm welcome to the parents and interacted with them about the various aspects of student life at Avantika Campus.

Batch 2017-18 | 11th - 16th Sept’17