Bachelors Programs: Architecture

Please note: The Architecture program will commence from 2018.

Architects shape the environment around us by fusing the design and production of modern structures. They are the responsible agents of societal change. An education in architecture must offer students with an acute cultural exposure that shapes a reflective and critical outlook for them based on social and environmental awareness and responsiveness. This profession today requires a combination of rigorous learning skills and discipline.

Professional architects have the scope to build careers as independent architects, working within architectural firms, and as academicians focusing on teaching and research. In India, the Council of Architecture (CoA) regulates the architectural profession, which was established by the Parliament under the Architects Act, 1972.

Avantika University offers a five-year, residential Bachelor of Architecture (B. Arch.) degree program. Our program helps students become competent professional architects by exposing them to the aesthetic, technical, social, and ethical dimensions of the production environment. The B. Arch program at Avantika adheres to the professional guidelines of the Council of Architecture (CoA) and will help aspirants to focus on urban planning and construction management. Faculty members at Avantika comprise practicing professionals who bring practical and real-time experience to academics for the students.

The curriculum is a great combination of classroom sessions, seminars, and workshops, in tandem with studio and lab exposure. The foundation program in the first year focuses on developing the necessary architectural design skills along with insights into liberal arts and technology disciplines, followed by advanced skill development for the next biennium. The fourth year requires an approved internship with any architectural firm around the world, along with an individual capstone project. The emphasis of the last two years will remain on focusing and practice within the domain of their choice.

Students at Avantika will get practical exposure with opportunities through state-of-the-art studio experimentation spaces and laboratory workspaces. They enable learners with practicing critical approaches and applying theoretical knowledge to work.