Bachelors Program: Architecture

Architects shape the environment around us by fusing the design and production of modern life structures. They are the responsible agents of societal change. Architecture education must offer the students with an acute cultural exposure that shapes a reflective and critical outlook for them based on social and environmental awareness and responsiveness.

The Academic curriculum is a great combination of classroom sessions, seminars, and workshops in tandem with studio and lab exposure. The foundation program from the first year focuses on developing the necessary architectural design skills. Followed by the advanced skill development for the next biennium. The fourth year requires approved internship from architectural offices from around the world, along with individual capstone projects.

Academic Program

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    Semester 1

    Foundation I7 Credits

    Building Technology I 5 Credits

    Architectural Graphics I 4 Credits

    Humanities (Sociology & Anthropology) 2 Credits

    Structures I 2 Credits

    Workshop I 2 Credits

    Theory of Design I2 Credits

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    Semester 2

    Foundation II7 Credits

    Building Technology II5 Credits

    Architectural Graphics II4 Credits

    History of Architecture I2 Credits

    Structures II2 Credits

    Workshop II2 Credits

    Theory of Design II2 Credits

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    Semester 3

    Architectural Design I7 Credits

    Building Technology III5 Credits

    Architectural Graphics III3 Credits

    History of Architecture II2 Credits

    Structures III2 Credits

    Surveying and Leveling2 Credits

    Open Studio I1 Credit

    Climatology2 Credits

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    Semester 4

    Architectural Design II7 Credits

    Building Technology IV5 Credits

    Building Services I 2 Credits

    History of Architecture III2 Credits

    Elective I1 Credit

    Structures IV2 Credits

    Open Studio II2 Credits

    Theory of Design III 2 Credits

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    Semester 5

    Architectural Design III 7 Credits

    Building Technology V5 Credits

    Building Services II2 Credits

    Contemporary Architecture 2 Credits

    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies I 2 Credits

    Technical Communication2 Credits

    Structures V1 Credit

    Working Drawing I3 Credits

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    Semester 6

    Architectural Design IV 7 Credits

    Building Technology VI 5 Credits

    Building Services III 2 Credits

    Working Drawing II 2 Credits

    Landscape Architecture and Environmental Studies II 2 Credits

    Structures VI 2 Credits

    Open Studio III 1 Credit

    Quantity Surveying & Estimating I 3 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 7

    Architectural Design V 7 Credits

    Advanced Building Technology VII 5 Credits

    Quantity Surveying & Estimating II 2 Credits

    Specification Writing I 3 Credits

    Design Elective 2 Credits

    Professional Practice I 2 Credits

    Open Studio IV 1 Credit

    Town & Urban Planning I 2 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 8

    Architectural Design VI 7 Credits

    Advanced Building Technology VIII 5 Credits

    Town & Urban Planning II 3 Credits

    Building Economics & Construction Management 2 Credits

    Technology Elective 2 Credits

    Professional Practice II 2 Credits

    Specification Writing II 1 Credit

    Dissertation & Research 2 Credits

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    Semester 9

    Practical Training24 Credits

  • +-

    Semester 10

    Architectural Project 20 Credits

    Allied Elective 4 Credits